Thursday, February 9, 2017

A lot has changed...

A lot has changed since I last wrote a post on here. Some for the better and some not.

For starters, I am no longer friends with my "best friend' or her bf (ex-bf now) they showed their true colors after he stole my laptop and changed his number on me. I was a real punch to the gut because these were people I thought were my family. Her and I knew each other for almost 7 years. Seven fucking years and at the end she threw me away like I was garbage.

I let them stay with me when they were homeless for a couple weeks, I gave her rides to the welfare office all the way in the city and I babysat for her whenever she needed me too. She did things for me also but nowhere near as much. I let him borrow my laptop because the one he had broke and he works in computer programming. I told him that I'd ask for it back when I needed it. Well, a few months go by and I'm getting ready to start school so I texted him asking for it back. He ignored my text. At this point, they were no longer staying with me and they had broken up. We all hung out occasionally though and were still on good terms for the most part. He had been living in my car, yes you read that right, in my car. He would sleep in my trunk (I have an SUV so it was spacious and easy to get out of) and a few months later he found a place and had money to move into it.

I was happy for him because he was like a brother to me and I never felt like he would betray me. After he ignored my text, I texted him again asking him to meet me so I can get my laptop. Still no reply. I texted my ex-bff and asked her what was up, she said she had no idea because they had a big fight and they were no longer on speaking terms.

A few months went by, I was constantly texting him, messaging him on fb, etc. I was hoping it was some big mistake because surely he wouldn't treat me this way after I did so much for him right? WRONG. I didn't just twiddle my thumbs for 2 months though. I worked my ass off and did everything I could to find out where he could be. I would've went straight to the cops but I didn't have the serial number for the laptop and it was just a generic hp. I contacted the company that I bought it from and explained the situation but they said that they didn't store the serial numbers of the laptops sold. I still asked for proof of ownership, just in case.

They sent me a paper saying all the general info of what kind of laptop and whatnot. It didn't really help because without the serial number there was no way to prove that the laptop he held was mine. I tried looking through every single account that I have to find the tracking info to see where it could be but he had signed out of all of my accounts a month prior. The tracking software on my hp was turned off as well.

I had all but given up hope when he viewed my linkedin account. Now, this may not sound like much to some, but I had been suspecting for a while that he was still homeless. Before he was staying with me, he was living outside of starbucks. I knew that he only had wifi access at starbucks and he stayed there from open to close everyday. So based on the probability that there was a 90% chance of him being there, I told my dad to get ready and we rushed over there. Sure enough, he was sleeping at a table with my laptop right there on the table. Needless to say, we got it back. My dad said loudly enough for everyone to hear, "We're here to get my daughters laptop back, you've had it long enough" just in case anyone thought that we were the ones stealing from him. 

After I got my laptop back, I checked to make sure it was still working correctly and the passwords were still the same. Everything was fine but it was dirty as eff so I had to clean it off.

I'll update why my ex-bff and I are no longer friends in a second part.