Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So I've been MIA for a while, cause I had finals to study for and gardening to do and I was trying to teach myself crochet and I have to deal with my new puppy...but honestly the reason I've been missing is because I got tired of always posting my failures and not being able to do my best at anything. But lately I've been actually eating less than normal. Yesterday I got groceries so now instead of eating shitty food I can eat veggies and salad!
In other news, do you guys believe in aliens? I do. Hands down. I used to think I was abducted by one when I was little but I doubt it. My future hobby is gonna be one of those alien investigator people. I probably sound crazy but whatever I find it fascinating.
I'm getting breakouts because of the change in weather. I swear this weather is freaking bipolar. One day its 80 and the next it's 58. I can't even walk my puppy cause its too cold for him. I started working out again though. Imma start slowly at first. I'm exhausted so Imma go to sleep even though it's the middle of the afternoon.

~xoxo anamia~

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