Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The binge cycle

I hate this fucking disorder. Overeating is considered bulimia too, even if you don't b/p. I just finished binging. I ate an activia yogurt, a chocolate pudding, some chabatta bread (however the hell you spell it,) some sourdough bread, some cheese crackers with cheddar cheese, a brownie, and a cup of Pepsi. So I'm a fat fucking failure and I really wish I could starve all my body fat away. I really want to just go as long as I can without eating but I have no self control or willpower and honestly it makes me want to cry. I've been doing my leg exercises so at least I'm doing something besides sitting on my ass. I've been watching vampire diaries and nina dobrev is my new thinspiration. I need help. I feel so hopeless. I need to not be hungry anymore. I wish I never got hungry.

Frustrated & Sad
~xoxo anamia~

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  1. Oh darling, I understand you so much!I overate today, too. But we don't have to give up!I believe in you!