Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter festivities

Hey everyone, sorry I didn't update sooner, I had a rough day on Friday and decided to skip on work again. Saturday was bat-shit insane at work, I work retail and apparently everyone waits until Saturday to buy Easter clothes. It was a mad house, I was closing and we were there until midnight, even though we were only scheduled until 11:30pm. We didn't even get to finish fixing everything because it was such a disaster. 

People are starting to get on my case about missing so much work, the thing with my depression though is that I just don't care. I give zero fucks about what's happening around me, I wouldn't even care if I got hit by a bus tomorrow, honestly. I'd probably be more grateful than anything else. 

I actually didn't gain as much as I thought I did, I weighed in at 224.8 on Friday. My highest was around 227. During my hiatus, I fluctuated from 226 to 227 so seeing 224 is actually somewhat of a relief. 

Yesterday was Easter, I tried not to eat too much because I don't need to gain any more weight. My mom made ham and Mac and cheese and some roasted vegetables. I ate some ham and Mac and cheese but the vegetables weren't my cup of tea. There's never any flavor to them when she makes them that way. The rest was good though. I need to stop drinking soda, I feel like it's really affecting my health in a negative way. I'm exhausted, I think I'm heading to bed now, it's 5am lol 

Have a good day everyone (: 


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