Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day One ~ Again

So yesterday was day one of my five (hoping for ten) day fast, and i went the whole day only drinking water. But then around three, when the cravings get crazy, i cracked and made toast and eggs. i didn't eat them though, i just served them and watched them for thirty minutes until they were cold and inedible, then i threw them in the trash. Its a waste yes, but better wasted then added to your waist right?
The real reason I'm even writing this blog thing is like a storage unit. someplace i can store my thoughts without anyone knowing who wrote them, ya know? Its a given that someone will find out eventually, but I'll look for that bridge when i cross it.
Oh yea, the reason I'm calling today 'day one ~ again' is because around four i did break and i ate ice cream. oh the horror of the disgraceful calories. i immediately purged afterwards to get rid of it. Being so disgusted and ashamed of myself i didn't even notice when i started to taste stomach acid. Even though i got rid of it, i still feel like i failed so I'm starting over. Today i plan on running 6 - 8 miles, doing 500 jumping jacks, 300 crunches, and 200 toe touches, as a minimum. The good news is now i weigh 145 instead of 146. I will not let myself break and be weak again. Ana is counting on me and i cant let her down...again.

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