Sunday, August 15, 2010


yes, it is true. Thin really does have a taste all of its own. I had to start over because four days ago, i broke and had a pizza binge i gained two pounds! TWO FREAKING POUNDS! talk about failure. but this morning when i woke up i was back to 145, this has clearly set my mood up a few bars. But i almost had a panic attack when i was at Ralphs earlier today. THERE WAS SOOOO MUCH JUNK FOOD! I had a mini debate in my head as to whether i should plan a binge or not. I chose not. i have not come this far just to give up. so instead i got healthy things. Today was good.
My favorite new thing right now is Cascadia Sparkling Water. It is calorie free and everything but it tastes amazing! The first sip is like a zap to your taste buds and sends you on this...i dunno how to explain it. but its gooood. I also got V8 juice for my juice days and rice cakes for my restricting days. Thin is complicated, but worth it.

Calories taken in for the day:

2 rice cakes with hot mustard (60)
3/4 cup cereal with 2/3 cup whole milk (223)
peach guava smoothie (200)
Ran 6 miles.


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