Wednesday, December 22, 2010

hello again!

so since nobody reads this anyways i guess i have nothing to apologize for (: but its been sooo long since i posted like seriously idk i think the last time was august? with school and everything i just havent had the time unfortunately. but ive been doing better, i went on major binges though and like i went all the way up to 155 but now im down to 144. i really want to lose 4 pounds by the end of this week so i bought laxative tea for my slip ups. i find it easier to fast as long as there are no temptations in my house. which there have been because fate hates me. whatever though im getting back on track! yay (: so i also grew an inch!! which is awesome i still wanna get my weight down to like 98. and i found an ana buddy, she goes to my school and i just recently discovered shes ana too, shes kinda like my motivator. today the only thing i ate were two graham crackers (=130) plus i found out there is a new zero calorie monster which is perfect for me!!! woo so happy right now

~anamia <3

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