Tuesday, June 21, 2011


okay so i think i figured something out. if i blog everyday it could help me on this adventure of mine. i think im gonna start a fast. from today and for as long as i can. im not gonna set any limit for myself this time im just gonna go with the flow and see how long i can last. maybe some coffee in the morning some diet soda in the afternoon and water water water all day long. sound good? i dont want to weigh myself till next monday to see some progress. i know i havent made any progress since the last time i posted but thats okay i'll make progress this week and the rest of summer. i really want to go to the beach but i feel like i cant because i dont want to wear shorts. and really who wears pants to the beach right? im gonna start major jumproping because i know that it helps a lot on the legs. okay well i'll keep you posted.


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