Saturday, October 1, 2011

progress after failure....

soooo....i gained weight ALL THE WAY TO MY FUCKING STARTING WEIGHT because I'm a fat pig. but I've recently gotten back on track and am currently 165.2 that is a total of 10 pounds that i lost in.....4-5 days. my goal is to get down to 130 or 147 by October 31st. i wanna be able to wear a slutty Halloween costume without my jiggly thighs taking up an entire room. if i don't make my goal i cannot go out with friends. so i have been restricting A LOT, like the first two days i had breakfast cause it was a weekend and then i ate a small snack for lunch and no dinner and waterwaterwater all day long. then the next two days i fasted but i didn't restrict the drinks i drank milk for protein, water, and diet coke. and i exercised a lot. i went on walks and hula hooped and p.e. of course so that's a lot of running and volleyball. and yesterday i was at 166 when i woke up and i had to eat cause it was my moms day off and she doesn't cook for shit so it was fast food but i did good, i order a half size spicy Caesar salad from Wendy's but i took out the chicken and cheese and had no dressing or croutons so pretty much just lettuce and tomatoes. but then i was depressed because my boyfriend was being annoying and hurt my feelings so i broke and ordered a chocolate shake and fries from Carl's Jr. {insert disappointed face here} then i purged (my second time in 4-5 days) and i know i didn't get all of it out but then i hula hooped (or tried too) and i woke up 2 pounds skinnier so that's good. but i need to drink more water. hopefully i can go for a long walk today. oh and yesterday i was tempted by Chinese food like OMFG the smell was intoxicating cause i was at my friends house and they order a lot of Asian food and i was gonna cave, i was literally salivating about it and i was waiting for my boyfriend to walk to my house so i decided to walk down my block and wait for him for half an hour instead of stay in the midst of temptation so i did good :D and i was drinking powerade to replenish my lost electrolytes. hope you stay skinny.

with <3

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