Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I AM SOOOO SORRY. but i have a good explanation.

so i have been grounded since October 25th. reason? because my mother and my boyfriends mother found out we've been having sex. so. i got grounded since then. she took my computer and my phone and my boyfriend away from me ipod. if she would've taken that i probably would've died. so yea shes still mad at me for it and she still has my phone. and I'm finally allowed to see my boyfriend :D hehe. we have been grounded from seeing each other for 3 weeks almost 4. but in the mornings i would meet him at 6:40 am and we would walk to school together. it sucks that we don't go to the same school though :/ cause i cant see him during the day like all the cute couples at my school do. but that's okay i guess because i love him anyway. so the new rules are that he cant go to my house and i cant go to his unless his parents are there. BUT hes coming over here for thanksgiving hehehe. and then on Friday we might go to an amusement park with his aunt. since hes coming over here for thanksgiving I'm not going to eat as much as i would if he weren't here. so that's awesome. AND I GOT SKINNIER. i have been SO stressed out lately. seriously i have been an emotional wreck. Ive had so much shit go down in my life this past month that i finally broke. i mean i cry at the drop of a hat now. i just cant take things anymore. so I'm going to focus on losing weight since that seems to be the only thing I'm good at and i cant even do that right. I'm starting off my day with Pepsi max! hell yes for deliciousness with 0 calories <3 wish me luck.

with love,

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