Saturday, October 22, 2011

its a long story...

this past week has say the least....a fucking dramatic disaster. first of all, i went the whole week thinking i was either dying or pregnant. cause i had all these weird ass symptoms. it turned out to be sleep deprivation/depression/acute reaction to stress/emotionally induced (i hope). i thought i was going through kidney failure. i think i might be a hypochondriac. not surprising really. so from what it looks like I'm not gonna make my Halloween goal. last time i checked i was 157. i most likely gained considering i haven't really been watching my food intake. today i went and dyed my hair brownish red. it was blonde before. and cut it really short. i also went walking with friends ALL DAY. so i got exercise in there. but I'll tell you guys what i used to look like.

i had blonde hair that went past my shoulders, my eyes change color from green/brown/hazel/to a really dark bluish grey, I'm considered short by most of my friends, i have a lot of freckles, i have long eyelashes and big eyes according to everyone i know, people always tell me they wish they had my eyes, i have smallish feet cause I'm a size 5/6 in US measurements, the skinniest part to me are my wrists, the only makeup i wear is black mascara (blonde eyelashes) and powdered foundation, i ALWAYS have my Ana bracelet and a rubber band on my wrist, i dress casually, and i have small ears.

those are the things that people notice when they look at me. now you know what i look like (: well i must go now. starve on stay strong my loves.


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