Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aunt flow

I hate hate hate periods. You know why? Because mine is irregular and every time I'm focused on my weight aunt flow suddenly pops up and screws up everything. So I have no idea how much I weigh but I'm still exercising everyday. My legs have been permanently sore for the past 5 days :D my main problem areas are my hideous back fat that appears when I wear bras and my gross jiggly thighs that never want to lose weight. So I'm doing all these exercises with ankle weights, no it won't make me bulky. Im trying to build muscle in my inner thigh so that it will start helping to burn fat there. Yesterday I got my Victoria secret catalog, I'm so excited!!! The Victoria secret models are my ultimate thinspo, especially miranda kerr. She's my idol. This might sound ridiculous but I've always wanted to become a Victoria secret model ): but I can't because I'm short and fat. Anyway, school is officially over as of yesterday. I asked my teacher if she could give me some summer work because next year I'm gonna work my ass off. Literally, I asked her if I could take all my unfinished A-G requirements (like 6 classes) on top of the classes I need for senior year. So that's like 13 classes in one year. I could do it no problem, I just need to be focused and dedicated. I got my report card yesterday too and I got all A's and one stupid B. I feel so stupid for not doing well in high school the first two years, but its partially not my fault because of my extreme social anxiety (that I didn't know I had!!!) Anyway I hope my period stops before my trip ): that would be an awful way to meet the guy you love.

Sorry for my rambling <3

~xoxo anamia~

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