Thursday, August 29, 2013


Okay I'm blogging from my therapists waiting room, ironic eh? As of this morning I was 181.3 C: <-- that's a smiley face for those of you who don't spend your entire life online, like I do ): not that its a bad thing. Anyhow, I have progressed yet again with my weight loss so things are looking up. BUT its been hot as hell, no wait, I think hell is cooler than this shit weather. Today its 101. 101 fucking degrees. Thats Fahrenheit not celsius lol. God Damn I don't even know how to spell celcius? Don't judge me I'm dyslexic. No seriously I am. Whatever I'm happy that I've lost weight (: I honestly had to kick my own ass and practically threaten myself out of the front door to go exercise but in the end I did it :D because it's been so hot I've been going running and 6AM almost everyday with the exception of like the past two days. In my defense, I haven't been eating too much because of the extreme heat. I wanted today to be a fast day but I ate a mango and a piece of bread with butter and cheese, yes I know -___- don't even tell me.
So two days ago I purged. It wasn't that hard because I have weird nauseous reactions to heat but it was definitely intentional. Yea its bad but I dunno, I just felt like I needed to. Not promising it to be the last time either.


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