Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good evening to everyone!

So as I posted yesterday, I gained tons of weight back. This morning I was 192.2 which is wayyyy better than 194. Yesterday I did fast but I did go walking for an hour :D slowly so that I wouldn't hurt my ankles ya know? And I burned 262 calories. Woo! Today was better food wise but I still have to exercise tonight. 
Oh big news!! I got an iPhone 4S! My first iPhone ever and so far I really love it hehe I got the white one because white is my favorite color (: I need a case for it soon cause the last thing I want to do it drop it lol. Now that I've downloaded all my main apps (blogger, my fitness pal, run keeper, etc) it's gonna be much easier to get back on track. Here's to hoping!

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