Thursday, May 8, 2014

Progress already!

My starting weight this time around was 198.4 I think, I say I think because I've been on my period for 2 1/2 weeks already, but we'll just say that's my starting weight. And now here I am at 196.2!! Yesterday I had only 500 cals and today I kinda went crazy and had 650 cals but I purged right after and haven't eaten since. I think it helps that I sleep all day, this way I only feel hungry for a few hours then get right back to sleep. Also I was looking at thinspo today and it is really inspiring me! I'm getting ready to take a shower then I'm going to go walking with my dog. Oh yea that reminds me, the past two days I've been walking my dog a mile and yesterday my net calorie intake was 360! Woohoo! It's so easy to slip back into this again, it fits like a glove. I set a minimum calories burned at 100 for my walks so anything over that is better. I have my permit test tomorrow And I'm so nervous, I can't wait two weeks to take it again if I fail because I'm leaving in a month, literally.
Please Pray for me y'all

I wish you pretty angels the best of luck on your journey



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