Sunday, May 11, 2014

Only eating tomato and lettuce salads today

Yesterday I was doing so good, I was functioning on 50 calories all day from my side garden salad and diet coke from mcdonalds with balsamic dressing. But of course Mother's Day which I completely forgot was today, a workday for my mom, so we celebrated last night my going to chili's bar and grill. I got a burger that came with homefries and immediately ordered a to go box. I cut everything in half, well not really I only ate 4 of the fries, but I cut the burger in half and got a diet coke with it. I figured that it wouldn't be THAT many calories, I mean it's just a burger right? WRONG. oh so wrong. After I had eaten half the fucking thing I tried to log it into myfitnesspal but no nutrition info came up, so I asked my waiter if he could bring me nutrition information and then went through this big hassle (my bad) of having to print it all up and bring it to me and do you know how many fucking calories are in the burger ALONE? 1550 fucking calories. Seriously. Do they cook their food in lard or something WTF. I was so glad that I had only eaten half of it but even half still pushed my calories sky high. I had never eaten at chili's before so I had no idea how fattening it was. To make matters worse, I was too tired to purge everything so I let that disgusting food soak into my body and I felt like such shit last night. I can't wait until my neighbor buys me smokes so that I won't need to eat at all anymore. I'm not even gonna weigh myself till tomorrow. Yesterday it was 192.6 and today I probably weigh 200 fucking pounds. I'm so pissed at myself. No food today except tomato and lettuce salad and maybe I'll do that for tomorrow too. Ugh I fucking hate myself. I'll post later if I can.

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