Saturday, January 11, 2014


Venturing on and it feels good y'all. I'm also trying to take care of my skin so that when I'm skinny I'll be a bombshell (: I have a problem with blackheads that I've had since I was little and it sucks so I'm trying to get a clean pore face lol 
I haven't been able to sleep really because food is all I think about, especially at night which is when I tend to hover around the kitchen usually. So I end up falling asleep at like 7 am and sleep all day :/ it's so bad to sleep like this. I've been trying to drink 15 cups of water a day because that's what I need for my weight and it's been difficult to stay on top of that. But I'm trying so it's cool, I'll get there eventually. Slowly on my way to getting thin guys!!

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