Wednesday, January 29, 2014

193.2 (:

I know it's not a lot of weight for 4 days, but If I continue doing this then I'll be in the 180's in no time! Then the 170's and before you know it I'll be smashing that goal weight (: I can't wait to wear dresses and skirts and shorts and a bandeau top omg I'm excited. I hope that I can continue this while in college. I wonder what I'll look like in 5 months! :D lets say that I lose 5 pounds a week every week until June, that would be...too much weight lol. I'll probably go down to like 2-3 pounds a week as my body gets used to the food and then I'll have to start some exercise. So 3 pounds a week for approximately 20 weeks is 60 pounds!!! That's 20 away from my "goal weight" depending on how I Look I'll probably want to lose way more. I wonder how my boyfriend would react to seeing me that thin. The lowest weight I've been around him was 176-177 pounds. That was awful. But he still thought I was pretty even at my highest weight. He's a god send honestly I don't know what I would do without him. We've almost been together for 8 months now hehe ^___^ I can't wait to move in with him for college. He already got an apartment and the rent is only $500 a month!! So I'll be paying $250 for rent! Woohoo (: rent is so expensive here in the city so that's one of the reasons I'm moving 7 hours north into the country lol and of course to be with him <3 well lovelies I'll update more later (: wish me luck

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