Thursday, January 23, 2014


I've lost 4.2 pounds so far guys! this morning I weighed in at 196.4 and that was only after 2 days on the diet! I think my stomach is shrinking because the portions are really small but I haven't been that hungry today. I even skipped my veggies with dinner tonight because I just wasn't that hungry. I save my dessert for later in the evenings because I know how I crave food at night. So far so good guys!
Onto a relationship rant now. I told you guys how my ex cheated on me right? like a few months ago. He promised me that he wouldn't see her anymore, but today he went to the library for an hour to help her with her homework (with my permission) and it drove me absolutely crazy because he didn't text me back until right now and I was going crazy worrying that they were fucking or something but he said that he went home after an hour and clean out his car and then went with his grandparents to go see the wolf on wall street or whatever. but part of me doesnt believe him? i dont know. I'm just crazy right now. I'll update you guys soon


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  1. Woo! Congrats on the loss lovely, that's awesome news :)
    Also, I can completely understand you feeling that way, and it really sucks. But ultimately there's nothing you can do but be yourself and do your best. If he appreciates the person you are, he will do the right thing, and if he doesn't then he isn't someone you would want to be with. It was really good of you to trust him like that and I know it's hard, but you know what they say, "If you love something, set it free" and all that.
    Keep up the great work <3
    Alice xx