Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cravings during a diet

The past two days I've had a monster craving for pizza. Now I have figured out from past experiences that if I go into a diet with a massive craving like that, then I will certainly fail at my diet. Therefore I decided to start my diet with a bang and just eat the freaking pizza (and try to enjoy it) to satisfy that craving and then today I'm going to be on day one of the ABC diet. I feel like I'll be WAYY more successful this time around, just because I planned a binge/indulge day, this way I can take anything that comes at me. Oh! I toned my butt haha like it lifted so now it's perky and round, that's good news because I have a big booty (no seriously) and it wasn't toned before. I think the key to survival in the ABC diet (I have yet to read about someone actually finishing the diet, including me) is an excess amount of water or tea (with limited sugar) because you know that you're stomach only holds so much, so if you're constantly hydrating then you won't get those hunger pangs (: well I'm gonna update you guys around 11/12 tonight, because that's when I get home from exercising and I finally start to wind down.
Oh I forgot to tell you guys! I think my recent lack of control is a side effect from the new medication that my psychiatrist prescribed me. I've been on fluoxetine for 2 months for my severe social anxiety but never had any side effects until my doctor prescribed me trazodone for my sleep disorder. I don't think I ever told you guys that but it is true ): the meds really help me out though, the only downside is that I can't really feel sadness (yesterday I almost cried but I couldn't because no tears were coming out of my eyes) so I think if I ever stop taking it then I'll just explode with sadness and anxiety O: I don't know but they also took away all my suicidal thoughts which is great because I was really depressed for a long time due to my social anxiety and it felt nice to get treatment for that.
I'll update later! love you all <3 nbsp="" p="">

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