Friday, July 5, 2013

Even my grandma thinks I'm fat...

I'm going on a fast. These past few days have been awful, first I ended my vegetarian diet yesterday after 5 months of not eating meat. Then for the past three or so days I've had terrible headaches which made me think it was attributed to hunger, so I ate and my headaches didn't go away and I was feeling horrible and sad and so I ate more and more and this went on for 3-4 days so I'm gonna fast today because I'm upset over the weight I gained OH and to make it worse? I took like 3 break days this week which is absolutely horrendous so I'm gonna exercise hard tonight. 
The title of this post refers to a visit I had with my grandma. Now something you should know is that my grandma is my only living grandparent because all the other ones died before I was born. Even though she's been alive the whole time, I've never really had a relationship with her. So the last time I saw her was maybe a year ago, give or take a few months. Well my parents and I went to visit her today and the first words I heard from her in a long time was "Jessica you've gained weight!" Needless to say, this was a blow to my ego. I know I'm fat, but to hear it from someone who's practically a stranger? That makes me depressed. So I'm doing a fast, maybe a 2 day fast to shrink my stomach. This is definitely good motivation. 

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