Thursday, July 11, 2013

I kicked my own ass!

So today I went over my calories by A LOT. I was on track until my dad got me in and out and it occured to me when I was exercising that I couldve just taken the bread off my burger... That would've saved me all the trouble of exercising. After todays workout I will never eat fast food again, unless its healthy. So because I burnt soooo many calories and practically kicking my own ass to do it, I've decided to just go ahead tomorrow with day 5 which is an intake of 100 cals. Oh!! And guess who weighs 174.8 as of this morning?! Meeeee! Hehe I'm 10 pounds away from my first gw I think. I can't wait!! Conquering my body fat, one pound at a time! Wooooo.    


60 minutes of jump rope makes your legs feel like jello btw. I almost passed out at 40 minutes hahaha but I kept going! If I can do, it you can do it (:

~xoxo anamia~

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