Friday, July 12, 2013


I can't count my weight for today because I haven't slept yet ): I've been up since 10:30 yesterday (except for a two hour nap around 1) I don't know if I did a post on this already but in February/march I bought a tank corset thing in a medium (I'm a large) as my first goal inspiration to lose weight. Well today I was able to get it on and it fits alright but it shows off my chunk in a few places so I'm gonna have to lose more weight before I can actually wear it in public. I'm going to victorias secret today because I'm a member and they sent me coupon cards so I'm gonna use the one that says "with a $65 purchase you get a free beach tote" because I could really use another bag plus I'm gonna try to get a swimsuit to motivate my ass to get into shape faster! I didn't workout yesterday because my blood sugar was so low, the only exercise I did was yoga for my sore muscles (man I love yoga) and I think the most exercise I'm gonna do today are some leg workouts and of course my yoga. If you wonder what kinda yoga I do, I do the weight loss yoga for beginners by tara stiles (Idk how to spell her name) because she's really great and her voice is so soothing to me. I've been doing beginner yoga on and off for like 5 months, and the reason I'm still at beginner is because I don't feel that I'm ready to try the higher level yet. I watched the video and it looked hard lol. Hopefully I can exercise early and relax the rest of the night, because my sleeping schedule is really screwed right now.
After Victorias secret, my moms taking me to lowes so I can get stuff for my garden. I feel bad that she has to pay for everything. I really need a job. I'll update later today!

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