Sunday, June 30, 2013

Don't even get me started

Yesterday did not go at all like I planned. My parents decided to buy me a veggie burger special again yesterday and its not like I could say no after they already bought it and I would feel horrible if I threw it away because money is really tight in my house right now. I ended up cutting the burger in half and eating half the burger with the fries totaling to about 600 cals. I figured that would be it for the day, but as I've realized in the past, I can't eat all my calories in one meal for the day because It usually leads to overeating. obviously later I got hungry again so I ate the rest of the burger and if that wasn't bad enough I also ate a fucking banana before I went to bed. TO MAKE IT WORSE, my ankles were acting up all day yesterday and i didn't want to push it by exercising on top of the pain so I didn't. Honestly I could have made it work by going bike riding or something but I think it was just one of those bad days where you don't want to do anything, plus it was mother fucking 85 degrees at 9pm which is my usual exercise time. I don't want to end up passing out and hurting something and then not being able to exercise for several weeks, ya know? So that's me trying to rationalize it so that I don't feel bad (even though I do) 
Despite my laziness I woke up at 176.6 which means I gained two ounces but whatever I'll lose it when I exercise tonight. I would recommend that you guys try the ACV thing, because even if it doesn't work for you there's really no bad things about it. Just remember to dilute 2 tbsp in 1 cup water. I drink it with a straw while plugging my nose then I rinse my mouth out. It's actually kind of funny to watch me do it lol 
I'll post my intake for yesterday  

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