Friday, June 28, 2013

Pinterest & my fat ass

Today is an awful day so far, I haven't exercised yet and I overate today. I had like 1700-1800 calories. I'm so ashamed. My dad bought me a veggie burger special from ricks burgers this morning and the combo totaled to about 900 calories or so. That was bad enough so I decided not to eat anything else today but that was unsuccessful, obviously. Then I got hungry around 7pm and ate a freaking peanut butter sandwich and some garlic naan (it's like some Indian tortilla or something) and now I feel like fermented shit. I'm gonna go exercise at 9:30, run a mile then do some jump rope. I downloaded blogger, my fitness pal, and run keeper on my Itouch so now I can post snap shots of my progress and food diary and stuff so hopefully that will keep me on the right path. Except for today, today was a cluster fuck. 
I'm starting to look up thinspo on Pinterest, which is some website that's kinda like a mix of tumblr and Instagram IMO. I'm going to post a snapshot of my Pinterest thing and my food diary for today and later I'll update this post with my exercise.

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