Thursday, June 13, 2013

the beginning of the thigh gap

so lately for exercise my main focus has been on my thighs (i.e. lunges, squats, leg lifts, etc) and I noticed that  I have a little gap forming between my inner thighs that wasn't there before! (: this obviously made me so so so happy because I am one step closer to my goals. I remeasured my thighs and I lost a total of 6 inches around them! How awesome is that?! I love looking in the mirror and seeing progress, it's such a motivator.
Well my house does not have any edible food in it right now (none that I can eat anyway) so I'm gonna do a fast today. Not only to lose weight but also to cleanse my body of all the nasty stuff I've eaten this past week. Honestly on my trip I ate take out like every day cause that's all we could do. It's not like they had a stove in our motel room or something. But surprisingly I only gained 2 pounds. Did I tell you guys that I got running shoes? Like actual running shoes. I'm so excited. I got them before my trip and they are so light when I run! Running is like one of my favorite things to do but I've always been too fat and lazy to actually do it. I was previously running in my converse which have absolutely no support whatsoever so my ankles would hurt the next day, but with these running shoes (they're new balance) my feet feel like air so I don't have to worry about my ankles anymore :D
I try to run 20 minutes a day, if I can. Well actually it's more like run one minute, walk one minute, run one minute, etc. but it is still wayyy better than if I would just sit on the couch like a potato and wait for my fat to melt itself away haha. I'm still doing other exercises too though. I am in love with all the victoria secret girls so I look up their diets and exercise routines and I incorporate that into my life as well. So I do a lot of pilates exercises and resistance band exercises along with the cardio. It actually feels good after you do it for a couple of days. The first two days you sweat like crazy and your body burns and you want to stop but if you keep going then you're one step closer to your GW, so that's what I do. I think my favorite exercise would be the side leg lifts. At first I had trouble doing 15 but now I can get through 50 without breaking a sweat (okay maybe a little) it's also really good if you don't like people watching you while you exercise. I hate it when people watch me so I just do all these exercises in my room and I run in the evenings when no one is outside. Honestly I'm tired of making excuses for not exercising, that is no way to lose weight and you're only failing yourself anyway. It's better to just work hardcore now and lose all the fat so then later you won't have to work as hard. Anyway that's just my two cents. I'll post more tomorrow :D

~xoxo anamia~

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  1. how long did it take you to lose that many inches off your thighs?