Monday, October 17, 2011


uhm what the fuck. I'm not complaining AT ALL but that number makes no sense to me. there is a process in which i start my fasts. first, i plan a binge. i know that if i plan a binge of exactly what i want I'm more likely to succeed in my fast. it lessens cravings and hunger pangs. the amount of food i eat during these binges is horrid, mind you. but it always works. so I'm not gonna be ashamed about the food i shoved down my esophagus because it was planned. so this is what i had yesterday.

a beef patty

Angus burger from McDonald's
and a diet coke and water

it doesn't look like that much all typed out but it made me want to explode. it was a lot of food. and then usually on the second day i try to stay below 800 calories, just to sort of wind down. and after all that food yesterday i weigh 160.2?!?! how did that happen? i don't know but I'm grateful.
so far today I've had approximately 764 calories. that's below 800 so I'm gonna stop there for the day. tomorrow I'm doing a max of 500 just to get my system ready for the juice/tea/diet coke/water fast. i know that i have to do this gradually. if not then i wont last longer than four days. I'm hoping to fast until Halloween so i can probably be 147 by then :D maybe even 145 ^____^ here's to hoping <3 stay skinny my loves

with love,

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