Saturday, October 8, 2011

2nd post of the day :D

okay so today has been going great, so far I've only had 385 calories. but they're all liquid cals so its okay. i still need to go running/walking and do my other exercises. the main reason i decided to blog again is because i have an entire collection of thinspo/inspiration photos in my phone that i downloaded off of google. its taken me a little over 5 months to gather all of these photos. i believe there's well over 200. I'm planning on posting all of them on my blog in pieces titled "mobile thinspiration part 1, 2...." and so on until i upload every single photo. trust me you're gonna be amazed at how much thinspo i have downloaded in my phone. its taken me ALL day long to send the photos to my email and then save them to my computer, i have to send them in increments of 10 photos per message or else it wont send :/ but that's okay cause i want you to see my collection (: the other reason I'm sending them to my computer is because i want to print some out and tape them to my wall. i have a couple photos i tore out of magazines but there aren't enough to really thinspire me. so I'm printing more. i still haven't finished sending all the photos to my computer. I'm only half done. hmm i should get back to that. its a good distraction from food. stay skinny.

p.s. they're all different kinds of thinspo, collarbone, thighs, stomach, arms...etc. a different photo for every inspiration.


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