Tuesday, March 26, 2013

176.6 and procrastination

Wooooo! Losing weight like a pro. Haha no. Every time I try to be happy about the weight I've lost, I think about how much thinner I would've been if I hadn't binged and gone off track all those times. I'm gonna work harder and not binge. I'm noticing differences in the way I look which is good. I can see my ribs now. And if I put my arms up then I can see all of them. My thighs and calves look skinnier and more lean which is amazing because like you guys know, I'm a leg person. I'm going shoe shopping today, I love shoes. I'm getting my first pair of heels! I absolutely love heels. When I was little I used to wear my moms heels and walk around the kitchen to hear the tapping noise. They never fit me but it was so much fun. So now its my turn, I want to get black heels so that they'll match everything, and I'm short so I can pull them off.
I'm restarting day 2 because I don't feel right about my calories yesterday. I feel like I cheated and I don't like to cheat on things.
Today my intake has been 2/3 cup blueberries (=55) and 1 1/4 cup frozen grapes (=130) so I'm going strong. I'm making hard boiled eggs so I can eat them with hummus later. I've mentioned this before but eggs are supposed to fill you up because of their protein and stuff. So eggs are gonna be my new main food.
The reason the title includes procrastination is because I have 2 weeks of homework due tomorrow and I haven't even started so I'm pretty much screwed. I just can't focus and it sucks because I'm studying psychology and I love psychology but my mind won't stay still. I'm gonna try to focus and I'll update later!

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