Saturday, March 16, 2013

Effing failure dudes

Now I know I said that I was gonna give myself a break this weekend but holy fuck shit I ate a lot. I came here with the intention of eating whatever is offered to me within limits but goddamn I ate so much shit. Then I went to change into my jammies and I caught a glimpse of myself I'm the mirror and ohmygod I look like I'm prego with triplets and my legs are fucking gigantic. Good thing I brought 3 packs of gum and some of my tea packs. I'm not gonna eat anything until jello shots tomorrow night. Maybe a couple of snap pea crisps so that I don't throw up like mad in the morning but other than that I refuse to eat anything. I feel so ashamed. As soon as I get home on Monday I am gonna do day 5 all over again. I'm so sick of myself. I'll post some thinspo now.

I've probably had 30000000 calories today :/

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