Friday, March 15, 2013


Today is bitter sweet. On the plus side I lost 2 lbs but then I lost one of my plugs! You know those earrings that stretch your ears? Yea I have them in a size 12 and I had a white and a black pair. And I lost the one white one! So irritating. They were my favorite pair too. Now I only have one of them, and I looked all over and I couldn't find it. So it is lost. At least I have my black pair and I lost weight (:
I need to stretch my ears anyway so I'll just get some 10's and 8's.

Todays intake so far is
1 dorito chip (=9)
1 cup of spinach (=20)

So 29 cals so far I'm doing pretty good (:
11 lbs down 18.6 more till my first GW! I can do this!

Staying strong <3

~XOXO anamia~

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