Friday, March 22, 2013

Family dinners

So my parents decided to take me to Marie calenders to celebrate my mom getting her income tax. I didn't over eat, I got a veggie burger and chips and I had 3 mozzerella sticks but I stuck to coke zero the whole time. Oh and I had pie. Fucking shit. I forgot about the pie. Well I didn't eat the whole burger, and I didn't have the cornbread that they serve so I suppose it could've been worse. I'm just making excuses. No more food for today and I'm gonna work out a lot. On a better note, I weighed 179 today so I lost the weight that I gained. OH and I forgot!!! I measured last night and I lost 2" inches in my thighs and 2" on my waist. I'm so excited. Plus the waiter boys today were totally giving us good service because I was wearing a push up bra (not bragging) but I think they were because every time they came to my table they would look at me only and ask how everything was lol even my parents noticed. I'm not gonna eat anymore today, I won't. My butt and thighs are killing today but it feels good. I'll post some thinspo later (:

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