Thursday, March 14, 2013

New stats ):

New Stats 

Measurements taken 11/29/12 

Height: 5'3 
Thighs: 26" 
Hips: 39"
Waist: 35"
Breasts: 41"
Arms: 12"
Calves: 16"
Butt: 44"
Knees: 17"
Ankles: 9"

Starting weight 189.6!!!!!!

I know I know, new highest weight. I knew I HAD to do something when I was 10.4 lbs away from freaking 200!!!! omg. absolutely horrid. I am considered obese. My bmi was freaking 33.6. horrible. anyway after that I lost 20 lbs but then gained it ALL back when I went through another wave of depression. So I started over for the past 2 weeks (kinda) it's really been this past week cause I am officially going to see J! okay anyway. these are my GW's. 

GW1- 160/ Bmi: 28.3 Out of obese range!! 
GW2- 145/ Bmi: 25.7 
GW3- 130/ Bmi: 23.0 Into normal range!
GW4- 115/ Bmi: 20.4 
UGW- 100/ Bmi: 17.7 Underweight! This is only my UGW until I get there. Depending on what I look like. 

My current weight within 1 week and a half of dieting is 181 with a BMI of 32.1. I'm getting somewhere!
oh and on 2.8.13. I became a veg! So no meat for me (: which makes it SUPER easy to lose weight, since I can't really eat fast food anymore! I stick to vegetarian stuff, those veggie burgers are absolutely delicious. depending on which ones you get. Considering going raw! I don't eat/drink much dairy anyway. I would've probably broken the 70's already but I got high two days ago and binged like a mother fucker! haha no matter, I will get there soon (: only two lbs away! 

xoxo anamia <3 div="" nbsp="">
keep thinking thin!

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