Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monkey and surprising news

So apparently, monkey likes to shit on my carpet. I put him on the pee pads and he walks off and shits on my carpet. I usually pick him up while he's going and put him on the pad but the point is that I have had to clean dog shit off of my carpet for days now. But he's so cute I don't even care.
My surprising news is that even with all of the fattening foods I've been eating the past couple days, I only gained a couple ounces. Running after monkey has been enough exercise lately lol. But I'm gonna start doing my leg exercises again cause I want my legs to be skinny in 2 months. I've had my period for like 2-3 weeks now. I don't think that's normal. Oh well. Yesterday I had around 700 cals which isn't terrible but more than I would've liked. I haven't eaten anything so far today, but its Easter so I'm going with my parents to eat at a restaurant but I'm gonna order something healthy and I'm still a vegetarian so its gonna be all veggies practically. Here's to hoping.
~xoxo anamia~

P.s. this puppy likes to sleep.

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  1. How cute! I'd love to have a dog again sometimes. They're adorable.

    Since Monkey is so young, I suppose he is, he'll shit on your carpet, but it might stop when he grows older.

    Our bodies are strange. They can give us the exact same weight for days, and then give us a loss/gain overnight. Or they can maintain weight on a binge. Like...I have binged two weeks in a row (1400 calories or more), and have stood still weight wise, but today I had lost a kilo. Weird...

    Sorry for late comment.