Saturday, March 16, 2013

Holy cravings!!

It's almost 1am and I'm craving pizza like a fucking savage ): I've been craving it for hours! I had my slice and I jump roped for 26 minutes but holy fuck dudes. I tried to rationalize and plan a binge so that I would purge after and I wouldn't technically cheat my diet but then I decided against it. Then I tried to plan to eat a fuck ton of pizza when I wake up and purge so then it won't be too bad but I decided against that too. Then I thought about eating 1 slice in the morning and not eating anything else for the day BUT the problems with that are, 1. It's still over 200 cals which is for day 5? Or 6? Idk which day I'm on. And 2. Because I'm spending the weekend at my best friends house. So from Saturday till Monday morning I will be there and they like to order food so I will have to plan carefully in what I eat because I really need to lose weight.
I really need to stay strong. I think the reason my cravings arent going away is because I'm watching food network lol. Anyway.
Later today I'm gonna post that thinspo I promised you all. I downloaded the Blogger app which is so SO much easier than posting from my computer because now I can take my blog everywhere with me (: so yea I'll post tons of thinspo later maybe. I have about 3000 photos in my phone of thinspo and stuff so I'll have to clear out some space so I can download more.
That's it for now loves (: Tata until later!

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