Friday, March 22, 2013


Okay something weird that you guys should know about me is that I am absolutely 110% in love with potatoes. Seriously sometimes I just randomly crave them. I love them all ways, mashed, baked, roasted, boiled, etc. I know that they're high in carbs and calories and stuff BUT they are also high in fiber/iron/vitamin C/low in fat/etc. So what I'm thinking is that I'm not going to eat, and then when I get hungry I'm going to eat one plain baked potato. It actually doesn't taste too bad, cause the butter and salt and stuff just weighs it down and you can't really taste the potato, so I will just eat it plain and baked. And it gets me full really fast too so one is enough to get me through the day.
I just realized I sound like a potato lady. Ohmygod. It's like a cat lady but worse. Jeez. Anyways.

~xoxo anamia~

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