Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fuck neighbors

All I want to fucking do is exercise and I can't because my neighbors have been exercising in their garage all fucking day. I was supposed to go out at noon but all my workout clothes were dirty so once they were done getting washed, I couldn't go out anymore because my neighbors are out there lifting weights and shit. I really hate the fact that I am so freaking self conscious that I don't want anyone to see me exercise. But seriously 8 FUCKING HOURS of exercising?!?!? Talk about over achieving. I just want to jump rope for 10 minutes. I'm not even kidding I tried going out there and I was warming up for 2 minutes and then one of them came out of the garage and BAM I ran back inside. I'm so sick of this shit. On the plus side I've only had 466 cals today, so I'm doing everything I said I would (:
Except I changed what I ate today, instead I had
One honey and vanilla cookie (=250)
One large banana (=121)
1/4 cup tricolor penne (=70)
1/4 cup organic chunky tomato sauce (=25)
Not too shabby. I might have some fruit or some organic green tea later. 

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