Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yesterday I had 2 potatoes and 2 corns on the cob which totaled to 740 but I jump roped so my net was 202. I have to admit something to you all because I have a 100% honest no bullshit rule on this blog, so what I have to admit is that I got hungry around 1 am and so I made myself a sandwich and some potatoes and eggs. It wasn't a lot though. Maybe 400 cals, and my plan was to fast today but I felt sick after eating it, I couldn't even finish it! So I purged. I know I know its horrible but I felt like I had to. And now I don't feel guilty about eating and I don't feel hungry anymore, and I don't feel like I failed. I feel clean. I'm not afraid of the number that's gonna be on the scale in the morning because I know I did okay yesterday.
I'm exhausted. Half an hour of nonstop jump roping made me sweat all over! I was literally dripping and I felt like I was having a heart attack but it felt amazing you guys. Every time I wanted to stop I remembered that 60 minutes burns around 1000 calories, so 30 burns around 500, and it kept me going. I didn't eat a lot today but I had a lot of carbs, most of which were fiber so its not all bad. Plus I drank water like I was in a drought. Literally! Before I even finished jump roping I downed a liter of water cause I was so thirsty. Anyways I'll update in the morning.

Goodnight lovelies & stay strong <3

~xoxo anamia~

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